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Art brings communities together and murals bring Art to the community.


A group of community arts advocate volunteers with a mission to integrate art into our community. These dedicated volunteers have committed to the first major public art project in Minneola's history called the Murals on the Trail. This project is a public/private partnership designed to engage the community, beautify the US-27 overpass on the Minneola Trail, and work together with local businesses to provide a true community project.


The mission of this group, Minneola Artworx, is to create an arts scene that brings the community together and encourages the growth of local businesses in Minneola that is supported and funded by public and private partnerships.


The vision of this group is to encourage arts and artists within our community to bring the community together, attract businesses that thrive from a budding art scene, and enhance the aesthetic appeal of spaces within the community.


Our Sponsors are our partners in this project. The City of Minneola and Minneola Artworx recognizes the value of these partnerships and how they impact our community. Become a partner at any level and be a part of this amazing project to incorporate the arts and innovation into our City

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