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Phases one and 2 are nearly complete. PHASE THREE, the final phase, has opened up for submissions. This submission form is for local artists that are interested in submitting artwork to be considered for Minneola’s Murals on The Trail Project. The theme is Community. There are approximately 8 panels left. The panels measure approximately 14’x9’. Artists are encouraged to visit the site to get a feel for the size of the project, the “canvas” being used, and the area being painted. The Murals on The Trail will be placed at the overpass to US Highway 27 on the South Lake Trail (approximately ½ mile west of Minneola Trailhead Park on the South Lake Bike Trail.) Minneola Artworx will supply primer, paint and sealer. Artists will be responsible for providing brushes, tools, etc. Once an artist’s work is selected and completed, the artist will be compensated $500. 

Mural Application Deadline

PHASE 3 - January 31st, 2023

Mural applications can be found here on this page.  Murals will measure approximately  15'x9'.


Remember to read the guidelines carefully. Some previous submissions that looked amazing were simply disqualified because they did not meet the criteria for the project or FDOT's qualifications.

Remember to explain how this art piece relates to the main theme of the project - Community. We had a few amazing pieces that did not clearly connect or attempt to connect to the Community theme.


To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


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- Arts and Economic Prosperity 5 National Findings Summary Report

Murals on the Trail

At The Minneola Trailhead

The Murals on the Trail project is to raise enough capital in conjunction with City's contribution to present 18-20 murals for this project. Four (4) murals from each of the existing Minneola schools, one (1) mural from the 18 and under Minneola residents, and thirteen (13) to fifteen (15) murals from the community at large.

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