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The Murals and
Our Artists

The mission of the Murals on The Trail project is to bring the community together, beautify the underpass, while reducing the potential for further graffiti at this site. Since the mission was to bring community together, we thought it only fitting that the theme of the murals be Community.
Here you will find all of the amazing artists of various ages and stages that dedicated their talents to beautifying the Minneola section of the South Lake Trail. Learn more about their titles and inspiration below.  

AVA CIARDI_headshot.jpeg


Hello, my name is Ava Ciardi.  I am 12 years old and I am a visual artist.  I recently moved to Clermont from New Jersey.  Art is my passion and it helps me cope with moving.

I am excited about submitting my art for the Murals On The Trail Project.  Thank you for giving young artists the opportunity. 

"Where We Are All United"

My piece is titled “Where We Are All United." This piece was inspired by community and the people in it. The design represents unity with all people within a community. The trees in the background represent the beautiful scenery in Minneola. What my piece means to me is strength within one community and the different people at its foundation.


My name is Jess and I'm a local artist that has lived in Clermont for 20 years. I have been an artist my entire life and have been painting since I was about 10-12 years old. I enjoy painting landscapes and animals the most, doing more abstract and textured work as well. Painting beach and ocean themed landscapes are my favorite.

I was a painting instructor for about six years and I now have my own art business! I sell my art at festivals and events, I have an Etsy shop, and do commissions! I've done a few murals inside houses and have always wanted to do large scale ones!

JESSICA BELMONT_mural_edited.jpg
JESSICA BELMONT_headshot.jpeg

“Be Free”

These matching butterfly wings are meant to not only be interactive but unifying. The bright rainbow colors represent a fun atmosphere but also represent the importance of love and unity among people in the community. I hope that people of all races, genders, ethnicities, and sexualities can take a moment to immerse themselves into the mural. I wanted to make a set of big and small wings so children could enjoy being a part of the mural as well, especially since we have a family oriented community. I want the butterfly wings to add unique color and fun to the community and I hope it makes people be free in that moment and realize how truly great life can be if you choose love and just be yourself. You only get  to be here once so why try to be someone you're not?

JOSEPH STARKWEATHER_mural_edited.jpg


My name is Joseph Starkweather and I am a full-time muralist and graphic artist who resides in Central Florida.  Although I was raised in Madison, WI, I have painted several 100 murals and am the lead designer and owner of “Works of Stark” which is a design studio that focuses on hand painted murals and signage.


My design is an abstract style large scale orange. The main focus will be taking full advantage of the unique geometric blocks/shapes of the wall and using them as their own individual areas to change the colors and designs within the larger shape of the orange. Minneola has a very rich history in the orange industry and thousands of its past residents were lifelong workers in the groves. There will always be a very strong connection to the groves and as gentrification takes place, residents both new and old should be reminded of the industry that built Minneola.


I’m Lillian Keller, but everyone calls me Lily. I’m currently a student at Lake Minneola High School. Go Hawks! I am a pretty busy girl most of the time. In the fall I run Cross Country. I love running and the community surrounding the sport. In the winter I play soccer and then jump right into track in the spring. I also love to read. I attend the teen book club every month at Sunshine Book Company and logged 58 books last year! I take pride in my grades and am proud to say I’ve had straight A’s throughout my entire schooling. I also love art, although this last year hasn’t given me as much time to commit to it. 


I was born in Orlando, and currently live in Minneola with my parents and my younger brother. I love living in FL and don’t ever plan to move out of the state. In the future I hope to own my business, maybe a bookstore/coffee shop, and be a literary agent. I also hope to run cross country for a college team and continue with my art. 

LILLIAN KELLER_mural _18.jpeg
LILLIAN KELLER_headshot.jpeg

"Living The Best Life"

The title of my piece is “Living The Best Life”. It's a drawing of people using the trail enjoying the beautiful views here in the Clermont/Minneola area. It shows people from the community exercising and getting some fresh air. People use the trail for many reasons, such as biking, walking, running, etc. I run cross country and have used the trail in my training as well as running many community races down by the lake. I really enjoy the views when I run on the trail and I hope the rest of the community does too.

MARIE DUDEK_mural_edited.jpg
MARIE DUDEK_headshot.jpeg


Marie Dudek Brown is an artist creating in several mediums.  From photography, watercolors, acrylics, alcohol inks and mixed media, Marie focused more on her artistic side during the pandemic.  

Marie is a member of the South Lake Art League.  She received 2 awards in their Fall 2021 Photography Show, a Best in Show for "Small Tortoise Butterfly" and first place in the nature category for "Brillian Bloom." 

Two of Marie's photographsCouncil 2022 calendar. "Looking for Sweet Nectar" was a winner in the contest for the "Collaboration" category and "Inviting You In" was a winner for the "Corridors" category.

Her daily practice of "Creating Today" has been a part of her life for over 14 years.

"Nurture Nature"

This mural s created to visually display healing within our own community. Each and everyone od us will experience some sort of loss in our lifetime. Feelings of loss not only come up when there is a death of a loved one, but also from changes in family life, work life, accidents, trauma, abuse, financial security, or anything that occurs to an individual and they are overwhelmed with sadness. This is represented by the broken hearts in the center panel of the mural. The loss may make us feel that we are in survival only mode. However, as each of us work through the pain, the gold within the crack represents our healing. As we process this healing we move from just surviving into thriving again. This thriving is represented by the flower blooming from each of the hearts. Some full flowers, others in the bud stage. We all do this in our own time and within our own community.


I'm 14yrs old and I enjoy painting,making my clothes and hanging out with my friends. I'm home schooled and I'm also 95 percent deaf,but nothing holds me back from doing my best and being the best person I can be.


This mural is about people coming together, a community and accepting people for their differences.

MARISKA Callaway_headshot.jpeg
NOELLE DUNHAM_mural v2.jpeg
NOELLE DUNHAM_headshot.jpeg


Noelle Dunham is a native Floridian and UCF graduate who has been working as a middle school art teacher in Polk Count for 4 years.  She has had a passion for art ever since her first crayon and is inspired by the beautiful sunsets and landscapes here in Central Florida.  Noelle's current focus is centered on color and design.  Her influences include artists like Henri Matisse, Vincent Van Gough, and graphic designer Jen Aranyi.  When not drawing and painting, Noelle is setting up the perfect shot with her camera or exploring techniques in pastel and water color.

She has developed, supervised, and painted a large scale design used for the Lake Alfred Bass Sculpture through the school she teaches at, which was highly regarded by the Lake Alfred city council and praised by the community.  She also facilitates several collaborative projects with her students each semester inspired by diverse comtemporary artists.  As an artist and educator, Noelle aims to inspire others through visual storytelling and emphasize the importance of exploring one's perspective through creativity.

"Blooming Together"

Inspired by the natural world, this design focuses on the beauty of a community when cultivated through collaboration and unity. Represented by vibrant flowers hardworking insects, soaring birds, and delicate butterflies, the viewer is reminded of how unique and purposeful their community is. Just as in nature, a community is stronger and more complete together; and each contribution creates a lasting impact that allows a community to thrive and prosper. The artist hopes that this mural reminds each person that passes by that they belong, they are valued, and that what they do can impact so many. Additional symbols included are four keys to symbolize knowledge and four apples for each school in Minneola.


"Sunny Skies"

My name is Shayla Daniels. I'm 14 years old and I was born in Manhattan New York. My favorite art style is modern art.  It has inspired me to draw as a hobby because for the majority of my life that is the art style that I was surrounded by.

My art piece is called “Sunny Skies” because to me Minneola seems like a bright and sunny place most of the time, and my art piece is about the beauty and scenery of the city of Minneola by describing the amazing landmarks that this city possess through a drawing or through my perspective. For example the diversity of people, things to do for enjoyment, and places to visit like the citrus tower, Lake Minneola, Trailhead Park, Waterfront Park, Hiawatha Preserve, etc.

SHAYLA DANIELS_headshot.jpeg

Pine Crest Lakes Academy

Angie Teron_mural.jpeg
Angie Teron_headshot.jpeg

Minneola Charter


My name is Angelaris (Angie) Teron, and I am currently in my freshman year of high-school. Ive loved creating art for the past decade. I love exploring new medias, and watching my ideas come to life.  Currently my two favorite mediums for creation are clay, and painting. Personally, art is not limited to the time I spend sitting at a desk with a pencil in hand. Art is apart of my everyday life from school projects, to getting ready in the morning.

"Paddling to Perfection With Community Kayaking"

It is a depiction of a setting enjoyed by many at Lake Minneola. The last time I visited with my family I observed people kayaking. Kayaking is an activity that requires teamwork and practice. To me community means just that, people working together to accomplish a goal. I was also inspired by the soft lines and vibrant colors throughout the landscape. I use colored pencils and alcohol based markers to include the vibrant colors. Overall, I was inspired to create this piece by the scenery and activities that are enjoyed in my community.


My name is Helen.  I am 11 years old I was in the foster care system for a really long time until March 2021 when I got adopted. I have always loved art.  Art helps me get out of though times.  My favorite animal is a sugar glider.  My favorite color is dark purple almost black.  I like horror movies and horror books like ghost stories.  

​“Friends In A Forest”

The name of my mural is "Friends In A Forest." My design represents people from all around the world coming together and becoming friends. After they become friends they take a walk in the woods. What my design means to me is that people don't care about where you come from, what you dress like, how you speak, or your religion. They care about you for who you really and truly are.

HELEN WORTHEN_mural.jpeg

Grassy Lake Elementary



When my ideas and creativity mix, art is created. I'm inspired by traveling and find beauty in my surroundings then I create art using bright beautiful colors.  My designs transport people to a happy place which allows them to see art through my eyes

The positive focus, vibrancy and movement of each piece portrays many of the feelings and experiences that inspire me. My collection is truly a portrait and reflection of my life. I'm in awe with the design and composition that surrounds us each day right in our line of sight. My appreciation for travel, water and nature, animation, movies and the human form and the feelings they evoke always inspiring me to create and that leaps beyond the canvas.

I've been drawing as a long as I remember having been an animator and graphic design for many years. I've now merged the years of knowledge to create and find my own expression. Through layering, brushstrokes and the application of color I am able to express a distinctive style to give my artwork a breath and life of its own. We live in such a fast-paced and  stressful world that sometimes we miss the beauty going on around us. I'm recapturing the scenes that bring so much joy and happiness and simply share my version of them with others. Having attended Savannah College of Art and Design with my degree in Art, I am happily focusing my time on designing a collection of art for the world to enjoy that will inspire, provide feeling and passion like my art has done for me.

"Relax, Ride & Reflect"

This vibrant design Beautiful sunset with vibrant colors, palm trees and lake as the background with a boat. The boat is something that brings people together for various reasons, fishing, joy riding or travel. This mural is designed to highlight some of the many relaxing features found in Minneola and surrounding area of Clermont as well as things those in the community can enjoy as they expand the boundaries elsewhere. The goal is to encourage families and friends of the community to enjoy more quality time relaxing outside, riding and reflecting on the good things in life.

The forefront is most important, the people, which includes a couple holding hands one of which is a 'not so skinny' person. A woman on a bike enjoying life.

These are things that are close to my heart. As a person that rides along this trail it's enjoyable to see beautiful things and be encouraged will you walk, ride or just enjoy being outside. The characters are outlined with metallic which represents

the sun reflecting on them as well as their happiness glowing around them.


I am the proud “specials” teacher at  ABELS  Academy: a school for children with autism, specializing in art, music and drama. Lucky for me, what I do as my profession is also what I do in my free time draw paint write read as well as hike  and hang out at Disney World.

​“Shine on Minneola”

My piece is an illustration of life and love within the community, no matter your age, color, ability, or sexual orientation.

It features a brightly colored sunrise, and within each rainbow beam a different scene of people simply enduring life together.

I teach art and music at a school for students with autism, and have long worked with children with special needs, so I wanted to include the child in a wheelchair and little girl with a puzzle piece dressed just to highlight some of the most amazing members of the community.

andrea garner.png
image0 (3).jpeg


Daryl Black is a self-taught artist who has lived in Central Florida his whole life. Apart from commissioned work, Daryl finds motivation and joy in mashing together ideas to create something completely new and interesting. His favorite medium is sharpie. He has participated in the most umbrella project in Clermont.

“One Heart”

A community cannot exist without love. Empathy and compassion for those around us is the heart and soul of community. Together, with love, we can work together to make our neighborhood, town, city, better places each of us brings a piece of this community that makes it whole. We are all one heart.


Amy O'Malley is a Central Florida mixed media artist.  With an eclictic history in both the performing and visual arts, she brings a unique perspective to all her pieces.  Her whimsical style is recognizable through her use of colors and fun subject matter.  Amy strives to bring joy through her art by reminding people of the magic that is all around them. 


This piece is inspired by my walks, runs and bike rides along the Minneola Trail. We moved to Minneola from another area in Central Florida two years ago. Not only did we fall in love with the charm and beauty of the area, but we liked the idea of living so close to the trail. About a month after we moved into our new house, the Pandemic hit the States. Having access to the trail was a life saver. The community in my piece focuses on the natural community that shares the trail with us. It’s about the plants and animals that turn a quiet walk into a magical journey. I included the lizards, cardinals, and butterflies that I’ve spotted along the way. The lake is such an important part of our community, so I’ve added some aquatic friends as well. There is also a nod to the plants that make this area so special. I had to include Honeysuckle as it is the smell I associate with the trail, and of course, there is an orange! It’s this natural community that makes treks along the trail so special to me, and I’m sure many others as well.

jane soto.jpg


I'm a teacher, artist, and mother. I take an opportunity to create, from painting faces to painting murals and I embrace any canvas big or small! I enjoy teaching, painting parties for artists young and old, and empowering others to create. As a fifth generation Floridian, I'm in love with the outdoors and the wildlife of the green swamp. Instilling a love and respect for natural Florida is the goal of my art.

"Life on the Trail"

“Life on the Trail” represents the beautiful and diverse community that thrives along the Minneola trail. The harmony that exists between creatures great and small and their human neighbors is represented by 2 of my favorite locals, the sandhill crane and the alligator in the foreground, and people enjoying the trail in the background. The lake and trail are represented by color-blocked waves of grey and shades of blue, the Florida sunshine by the swirl of vibrant orange. This piece encompasses the manmade and natural beauty of the trail and our natural landscape. This is an important piece to me personally because as a child I walked this trail in awe of its natural beauty and wildlife and now I get to do the same with my own sons.


Venezuelan nationality.  Designer, Illustrator, and plastic artist.  When I was 6 years old, my inspiration began and I started to paint everything that was going through my mind.  I am know for working with black and white, including textures and and colors, mixing manual work, photography and conventional painting.  My work reflects my passion for sport and music, together with scenes of daily life and nature.  My works project a different way of seeing things and mixes and mixes real with the imaginary.  

​“Shine on Minneola”

In the afternoon riding my bicycle, through the city contemplating the fall of the afternoon on its lakes and avenues. It really is what we always need, to enjoy the wonders that nature and its spaces offer us.

Lisa Harris.jpg


My name is Elisa (Lisa) Harris and I have lived in Central Florida for the past 52 years. I love calling Lake County my home. I love all aspects of art and have been creating since I was in the third grade, however I specialize in painting, mixed media and photography. I teach children's art and I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher. I have been an art advocate since I was a teenager. I love getting the community involved in all forms of art.

I have supervised quite a few large scale murals and I have even painted a few of my own.

I look forward to any and all upcoming art projects and events. 

"Beautiful Minneola"

The name Minneola is derived from a Dakota Indian word meaning "many waters". Minneola is a community recognized for its natural beauty.  It is hard to drive through Minneola at sunset without driving by the lake to get the most spectacular view of our sunsets. Our community is indeed beautiful. 


My mural was inspired by a photo I took of one such beautiful sunset. I tell people everywhere that we have the most awesome sunsets. It is also fascinating to see sandhill cranes everywhere within our community.



My name is Madison Winegard and I am very excited and grateful to be showcasing my work for Murals on the Trail. I have been creating pieces of art and dabbling in this field for as long as I can remember. Never did I imagine I’d go from making scribbles with my grandma at her dining room table to this. I am 16 years old and am a junior at Lake Minneola High. Throughout the year I’ve been working in the theatre program acting and designing for shows, both of which are something I plan to continue to do after I graduate. I’ve only been in Florida for about two years, but it has definitely been a worthwhile experience that I’d never want to take back. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends, family, and mentors for supporting me in my work and just in general, I love and appreciate you all. 

"Bound To The Grove"

The orange Groves are a large part of Florida and its history and I wanted to showcase that. The skeletons were my own interpretation of how no matter what we look like we are the same underneath. We are humans and as humans we should work together to uplift our community. This piece is important to me because I see people based on who they are, not what they look like. And I wanted to viewer to be able to interpret whoever they wanted in the painting.


Mike Goodge studied art and film at the University of Central Florida and received a BA  degree in 1996. He has taught art classes and workshops at various schools in Orlando, Toronto and Clermont. Mike’s paintings have been exhibited in the Orlando Museum of Art and many galleries in Florida and Toronto.

mike goodge photo.jpeg



My visual idea is of two very stylized birds of various colors reaching out to each other to symbolize a sense of bonding and a sense of community. There peaks are touching each other as an act of strong friendship. Behind them is a striking shape of a yellow sunshine with black swirly rays of light. The light represents hope and possibility.

The background is of an intense and bright red color. One bird is of a magenta color and the other one is of a greenish turquoise color. The birds have cheerful patterns inside them and are outlined with black color.



Beth Lucas Pittman is best known for her whimsical 3D chalk art throughout the Minneola-Clermont area. Her larger works have entertained audiences at Minneola’s Safe Night Out  events and her 3D chalk workshops are  a perennial favorite among the Minneola Schoolhouse Library summer reading program activities. Beth is happiest when inspiring and being inspired by children and the hundreds of children who have drawn with her are her top artistic heroes. A firm believer in the power of positive mischief, Beth always aims to bring smiles and surprises with her art in unexpected places, and to increase joy in the community by encouraging the creativity of others.

Nothing brings people together quite like food; And for such a small city, Mineola has some excellent offerings! From doughnuts to boba, Jamaican to Italian, old time comfort food to lakeside libations, our city is a beacon for some truly tasty get togethers.

Better still, our treats are ambassadors of community even beyond our borders. Our doughnuts in particular are the envy of surrounding towns and bring smiles wherever they go.

While I'd love to capture all of Minneola’s deliciousness, I've chosen to celebrate some colorful favorites.

(Also it's fun to put Donuts where people are exercising!)

"Ambassadors of Joy"

bg_headshot 2.jpg


Hi, my name is Bethany Gano, and I live in Lake County with my husband, our three kids, and a bunch of furry and scaly family members. I've been working in the commercial arts for over two decades (design, branding, illustration, custom lettering, etc), and I began working in acrylic and watercolor a couple of years ago when I started creating my debut children's picture book, Lulu the Beaver. It's a story about a bashful little beaver who learns to overcome fear and self-doubt and starts to share her creative gifts. The story is autobiographical, and I've come a long way. In my artwork, I love highlighting color and texture in bold and graphic ways, and am especially fond of wildlife — so it was a joy to bring all of that together at this scale! I hope this will be the first of many murals to come.


When we moved from Michigan over 12 years ago, our oldest was about 18 months old. It wasn’t long before he homed in on his new favorite bird: the anhinga (aka “water turkey” / “snake bird”). He loved to watch their snake-like neck and head sneak out of the water, and spotting them drying off after an eventful round of fishing in Lake Minneola is something we’ve been enjoying as part of this community for years. So, a portrait of an anhinga felt like a fun way to capture a special aspect of day-to-day life here.



Just a stay at home mom of two who enjoys art and trying out new mediums to be creative.

"Minneola Schoolhouse Library"

When I think about the concept of community, the place that resonates with me most is the Minneola Schoolhouse Library. It is such a hidden treasure in Minneola with such beautiful features that not  only has endless possibilities for learning or being captivated by a story, but it is truly a place that brings the community together. The library has been able to get my family more involved in the community and is the reason I have this opportunity. I hope this rendering intrigues others to seek out this place and learn about it like I have.

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